A New Era, 19"

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A New Era

mixed polage art media, edition of 12, 19"

The ancient Polynesians navigated by the stars and the wind and waves and currents. Recently some of their voyages have been recreated in a traditional canoe called the Hokule’a.  “She is more than a voyaging canoe—she represents the common desire shared by the people of Hawaii, the Pacific, and the World to protect our most cherished values and places from disappearing.” The Hokulea is also an affirmation of ancient traditions kept alive in the culture of the Islands represented in this piece by the image of the Hula dancer.

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Display options include free-standing, traditional motorized Lightbox, single or double framed.

Price: $ 3,200.00 to 3,875.00

When my husband and I were living part time in Hawaii, I was invited to create the central work for the annual "Celebration of the Arts" underwritten by the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Kapalua, Maui. That work, a 38" piece titled "Keauhou - A New Era'" (which is available for sale) was also reproduced as the poster for the annual event.