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Boston Museum of Science

Human Connections, 1987, mixed polage art media, 25' x 27'

The imagery arrayed on 38 hexagonal light boxes, each 5 foot across, tells the story of the history of Communication from earliest cave markings to our journey into space. Mounted on the wall of the Mugar wing of the Boston Museum of Science, it can be viewed through rotating filters in the environment, which cause the images to change. It was originally planned to be displayed for only 10 years, but has become a popular exhibit at the museum for over 30 years.

Client: Boston Museum of Science

Materials: mixed polage art media

Size: 25 by 27 feet

Special Features: 38 separate hexagonal light boxes, angled plane of polarizing filter circles hangs in front, handheld and fixed viewers available in the space for visitors

view through polarizer

polarizing filters in the room