Margaritaville Casino

Margaritaville Casino

Margaritaville Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Client: Margaritaville Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Description/Materials: Non-interactive Polage art mounted on thin liquid crystal light boxes

Size: 28” x 52” each

Special Features: Each panel is a kinetic image that continually changes

Kinetic morphing art installation created for the first Margaritaville casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Each of the three works is approximately 28” x 52” and is created as a matrix of eight smaller art panels. The front face of each column is a kinetic image that continually morphs from one image of classic Jimmy Buffet iconography to another.

No moving parts are used. Thin LED panels, and a very thin liquid crystal cause the change as an electrical signal twists the molecules in the fluid.