Spring Mountain Visitors Gateway

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Spring Mountains Visitors Gateway - Kyle Canyon, Mount Charleston, NV

Installed 2015

Without looking through a polarizer or Polaroid sunglasses, the visitor sees a 75’ long silhouette of a mountain range all along the clearstory windows. But viewed through either a mountain-shaped polarized sculpture or handheld viewers, more than 150 species of plants and animals reveal themselves.

“All the panels are shaped to represent 5 iconic mountain peaks as they are seen from the Las Vegas valley. I started by depicting flora and fauna from lower elevations on the left and gradually increasing the animals and flora you would see at higher elevations as you go to the right.”


Viewing through a handheld polarizing filter inside the building

Client: U.S. Park Service, Spring Mountain Visitors Gateway, Mt. Charleston, NV

Description/Materials: Interactive Polage art installed in clearstory windows

Size: 75 feet long, average panel height of 30”. 25 panels total

Special Features: Visitors can view the art through hand held viewers as well as through a mechanical rotating polarized viewer in a clear cabinet.


Outside the building, view of the windows

Austine designed the imagery to represent the flora and fauna typically found in the area. She included only one small indication of human presence. Can you find it within the 25 windows below?