Working Life


Working Life

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mixed polage art media, one of a kind 13 x 13"

The Bee is one of my favorite images to represent since he represents the ultimate in cooperation and community, and because his industrious work creates and propagates so much of the beauty in the natural world.

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This original, hand-made artwork titled "Working Life" is a unique sculptural (3-dimensional) interactive Polage® work.

There are 3 planes spaced about an inch apart giving a sense of depth and paralax-induced movement. Unlike Austine's motorized or liquid crystal pieces, this work involves interaction on the part of the viewer. In that sense, you become part of the work and a participant in its creation. "All art requires the viewer to complete the work. The artist can only begin the process."  
20" x 20" x 3". LED (12v) back-lit. Hangs on a wall like a painting.  

Austine's Polage® art (polarized light art) is created with materials having no colors. We perceive the color as a result of the interaction of polarized light and certain optically active materials such as cellophane. The image is created by cutting and laminating thousands of tiny pieces of this colorless material to polaizing filter.

Austine has been developing this art form for over 40 years. For information on obtaining a Polage® work of your own please visit our contact page and drop us a line!