Working the Blossoms


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Working the Blossoms

mixed polage art media, AP, 19" diameter
view without polarizer

There is a beautiful quote from a labor activist in the 1930s who said workers must have bread, but they must have roses too, meaning that beyond just the strict necessities of survival, people need flowers, or the beautiful things in life... The bee is our most important and hard worker, keeping our crops going and as a coincidence, creating the beauty of flowers in our lives too.  The bee reminds us to balance our hard work and needs with appreciation of beauty and art.

"Mastering the Mysteries of Light"

Working the Blossoms was featured in Austine's recent retrospective exhibit of Polage Art entitled "Mastering the Mysteries of Light" at Springs Preserve in Las Vegas. The show was presented in conjunction with a major touring exhibition called "Playing with Light"