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Austine & Maui Jim Sunglasses

One of the displays you might see where Maui Jim Sunglasses are sold.

Since 1997, Austine Studios and Maui Jim, Inc. have had a very special relationship.  It began when a fan of Austine’s at Maui Jim saw a photo of her wearing polarized sunglasses as she worked. They called her to find out what kind of sunglasses she used. With that, a synergy was born.

25037_Maui Breezes.jpg

One thing led to another, and soon Maui Jim Sunglasses commissioned a variety of interactive Hawaii-themed works for use in fine eyewear stores to highlight Maui Jim’s super high-quality polarized lenses. 

Over the years Austine and Maui Jim have found ever better ways to use Polage® art to make Maui Jim’s quality and Aloha spirit memorable.

Maui Jim has become Austine’s biggest patron, giving her the opportunity to display her work world wide. Maui Jim also generously underwrote a very large 42-year retrospective of her work at the Lakeview Museum of Arts Sciences in Peoria, IL.


Maui Jim manufactures the finest polarized sunglasses in the world, bar none. So, of course Austine wears Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2® Sunglasses for working on her art, and always wears them outdoors too.

Without polarized lenses, these artworks appear “invisible” except for a colorful Maui Jim signature. 

But when viewed through Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2® Sunglasses, they magically spring into bright, colorful Hawaiian images. Austine’s images of nature are a perfect fit for Maui Jim, and Maui Jim sunglasses are a perfect fit for Austine! Maui Jim no ka oi. 

Every year, Austine designs new fine art edition Polage artworks for Maui Jim to display in the best eyewear stores world wide. Recently she has been creating hand-made Polage fine art in 15 inch square and 25 inch square formats.


The Polage® Fine Art editions for Maui Jim should more accurately be described as multiple originals since each piece is made individually by hand.

Many of the Maui Jim Polage® Art commissions have been custom designed to highlight special events such as the Augusta Masters, or to include a logo or iconic image, such as the piece created for Kiawah Island Golf Resort (two views shown above).


Austine has created a number of very large custom pieces commissioned by Maui Jim for Sunglass stores and for trade shows. The Polage art mural shown at right for tradeshows.  At first glance it seems to be just a wall of light with a little foliage and the Maui Jim Logo in color, but through Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2® Sunglasses, a colorful image of a rainbow over Maui and its ocean environment bursts forth.


When a customer is trying on a pair of Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2® Sunglasses, they turn to look at themselves in the mirror.  The light around the border of this piece illuminates their face.  Then, as they raise the glasses to their eyes, the lit border comes to life!